The SaferDrive app is part of a research project at the University of Aberdeen about driver feedback. By using the app you agree to take part in a user study. All data that is collected during the study is completely anonymous.

After pressing the green record button, the app will start to record you GPS position and data from the accelerometer of your phone. The shield symbol in the upper left corner indicates that the app is recording. After you pressed the red stop button, the app will stop recording.

After you stopped recording, the data will be anonymized, by removing the first and the last mile (~ 1.6 km) of recorded data, so neither your start point nor your destination will be saved. The data will then be encrypted and transmitted to our server, where your personal feedback report will be generated.

The app will ask you questions about the generated feedback. The answers will be transmitted to our servers.

By using the app you agree that we will process and analyze the transmitted data and your answers for research purposes and publish our findings. GPS data will only be used for internal analysis and will never be published. After the publication of our results all data from this study will be deleted.

If you have any further questions, please contact